Sep 12

District of Columbia War Memorial




The title says that this memorial, built in West Potomac Park, stands for soldiers that fought and gave their lives in WWI. On June 7, 1924, the Congress authorized an act funding the construction of the memorial by both organizations and individual citizens of the District. Construction started in the spring of 1931 and on November 11, 1931 the memorial was dedicated by President Herbert Hoover.

The District of Columbia War Memorial is designed by Washington architect Frederick H. Brooke with two other associate architects and in a form of a tall circular, domed, and Doric temple. A list of 26,000 Washingtonians who fought and served in the Great War is preserved in the cornerstone of the Memorial. Furthermore, 499 names of District of Columbia citizens who died in the war are inscribed on the base together with medallions that represents every branch of the armed forces. Twelve tall fluted Doric marble columns that stand 22-foot tall support the dome and entablature.

A bill in Congress, proposed by Rep. Ted Poe of Texas in 2008 pushes the expansion of the memorial and its designation as a national memorial to WWI. Meanwhile, in 2010, the National Park Service stated the start of the restoration work on the memorial. This project is funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. After four years it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and now under the National Park Service administration.

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