Nov 03

How to Survive an Overnight Bus Journey


There are times that hitting the road for a journey by night time is a good idea. Choose a night bus and skip the stress from airport queues, checking in online, and getting an accommodation by sleeping during the journey. However, it’s not always easy to sleep in a bumpy bus. To help you to get ready for your bus journey, here are the few things to ease your journey and be at your destination refreshed.

Arrive Early

It’s worth your time if you arrive at the bus station early. You might miss some buses but your mission is to look for the better seat and enjoy the rest of the journey.

Keep Your Valuables Close

Cameras, cash, laptops or phones – all of these could be a reason to be a thief’s target. It’s very unfortunate that travelers will only realize that something is missing when they arrive in a hotel and the bus is a hundred miles away. In traveling you may out your bag in the luggage but bring with you your valuable thing. Be watchful at all times.

Wrap Up

Buses have air conditioned that will make you shiver along the way. So, better prepare a warm jumper, a scarf or a pair of jeans for the travel, in case you won’t take the cold anymore.

Bring Snacks

Usually, buses would stop along the way, but you will never know many times the driver would stop or it would favor the place you prefer. Before leaving, pack your snacks and drinks and in case there will be no stop for a long journey, at least you will get it through.


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  1. Ellie Davis

    Thank you for pointing out that you should make sure and bring snacks for the bus ride. My entire extended family wants to take a road trip and I think we should rent a charter bus. I’ll have to do some research and find the best charter bus service in the area.

  2. Daphne Gilpin

    Thanks for the tip to bring snacks and drinks to make sure we’re comfortable during time where the bus doesn’t stop. I’ve been helping to plan an event for my church group, and we think a charter bus rental would be the most cost effective way to get us all there. I’m glad I read your article because I’ve never ridden on a charter bus before, and you made me feel a lot more prepared to stay comfortable during the journey!

  3. Sam Li

    I like your tip about arriving early when taking a bus trip. Bus charters seem like fun ways to see new places. My friend wants to take such a trip, so I’ll help him find the best charter service available.

  4. Randy Chorvack

    It’s a good point that you never know how many times the driver will stop to let its riders get off and get food. I get hungry really quickly and so it would be nice if I packed snacks as you suggested. That way I don’t have to worry about my stomach growling the whole way there in the middle of a quiet bus.

  5. Stefan Bradley

    You make a great point when you talk about how it is important to pack food and drinks when you are on a bus trip. My uncle wants to take my extended family on a bus charter so that we can all go camping together, but we are worried that the warm weather will make the trip uncomfortable if we are not prepared. We’ll be sure to bring plenty of drinks while we are on the bus so that we are hydrated.

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