Oct 24

Incredible Effects of Traveling to Our Brain


Creativity booster

People who worked abroad were more inspired and have richer imagination compared to those who stayed working in the U.S. This is according to the recent study by the Academy of Management Journal and cultural immersion was the main reason. According to the study’s author, William Maddux, people who incorporated new culture in their personalities have greater creativity.

Doing the same things that locals do for a longer period of time makes the mind open for different ways and different ideas based on Maddux explanation. This concept is referred to as cognitive flexibility and with greater cognitive flexibility comes greater level of creativity.


Makes a person more trusting

The more you travel to many foreign countries, the more you increase your trust to humanity. For Maddux, seeing all of the good things present in the world helps trusting people easier.


Enhancing problem-solving skills

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology conducted a study that shows students who reside abroad were 20% better when it comes to solving computer tasks compared to those who don’t travel. Many ways in the world can be learned from traveling which is in return opens up your mind to think of multiple meanings for just one thing.


Be more open to new things

Moreover, The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology study found out that students who studied overseas were exposed to new experiences in their daily lives compared to those who reside in the campus. Getting to know people from different cultures widens your horizons and you’ll be more likely to search for new things as well as when you go home.

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