Sep 12



Union Station is known as one of America‚Äôs busiest rail facilities and shopping destinations, and receives over 40 million visitors every year. It is opened in 1907 and became Amtrak’s headquarters and the second-busiest station in the railroad. During World War II, at the height of its traffic, almost 200,000 people passed through in just a day. A head house wing was added and later the original station was renovated and turned into a shopping mall.

In 1901, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and the Pennsylvania Railroad announced their agreement for a union as a new station. Consequently, both railroads would plan to remove their terminals and track work from the National Mall. Secondly, the plan to bring the entire the railroads in the city under one company would guarantee that Washington would finally have a station that is both big enough to handle huge crowds and impressive enough to complement the role of the city as the federal capital.

The station was to be planned and designed under the supervision of Daniel Burnham, a renowned Chicago architect and also a member of the Senate Park Commission. In September 1901, he wrote Sen. James McMillan, the Commission’s chairman of the said proposed project that says that the station and its surroundings will become the entrance of the city of Washington.

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