Aug 25

Why Travelers are Happy People?

There’s a lot of good reasons to enjoy traveling. One of the reasons is that it makes a person happier. Traveling can establish your self-confidence, set up a new routine, give you refreshing memories and experience and allow you to meet more people from different places. 

1. Deal with Unexpected Situations and build your confidence.

When you are in the middle of your journey, you will more likely encounter unexpected situation. Despite the fact that you’re ready for the trip, you can’t just avoid things that are beyond your control. Nevertheless, you can always find a way for any circumstances. Dealing with these challenges and solving them leads to the uplift your confidence and eventually will make you happy.

2. Being in a far place helps You Appreciate your Home

If we are in another place away from home, you will eventually realize how important our families and friends are. Your parents will surely love hearing something from you and your amazing journey. Nonetheless, missing home will always be part of your trip but it will help you thankful in return.

3. Meet new Friends!

It’s the magic of travel. When you are a stranger in a certain place, people are more curious about you and where you come from. Also, you probably meet a fellow traveler and share your experiences while drinking a cup of coffee or a glass of beer. These ‘enticing’ social interactions help us not only to gain new friends but to learn more too. 

4. Happiness is Contagious

Looking at people in a local area smiling to you as you pass by makes you feel like smiling too. Even people in undeveloped countries such as Laos and Cambodia are known to be friendly and happy. Being happy is something that can have a ripple effect. So when you are inflicted with happiness, you will surely bring it along the way.

5. Take a ‘Social Media Break’

Once in a while, breaking your connections with the social media can be so fulfilling and healthy. Though we love taking pictures of the marvelous place we’ve just visited and post it on Facebook or Instagram, we can actually find some place with no Wi-Fi and enjoy the moment. Oh, come on! Give yourself a break!

6. Give Yourself a “Moment of your Own”

Every day we are bombarded by different things that you need to deal with. Traveling gives you the chance to be free from the bondage of ‘everyday life’! Enjoy your moment of serenity and release all the stress and take a deep breath. Peace of mind leads to HAPPINESS.

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