Oct 12

Fascinating Tourist Attractions in Virginia


Virginia Beach

Virginia is blessed with abundant and beautiful beaches since it is situated against the east coast. Beach lovers will not only enjoy clear ocean waters and sandy shores, but also historical tourist sites and great stores. The state is a perfect place to experience the historic, fun, or refreshing attractions. The largest city in Virginia is Virginia Beach which attracts millions of visitors annually. The city offers historic sites, zoos, aquariums, restaurants, fun water adventures and a whole lot more.

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia is a peculiar and thrilling living history museum that offers every family an experience of excitement, adventure learning and fun. You can choose from exploring the Revolutionary City to the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg where you see magnificent art exhibits and displays.

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery measures over 600 acres and is an important and historical military cemetery. This is where war veterans were buried as well as well –known literary and artistic figures, notable scientific figures, explorers and medical pioneers. It is recommended to have your tour guide when you visit to learn the rich history behind the graves.

Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens is the best place to go if you want to experience some entertainment and adventure activities. This European themed park is a great place to enjoy fun rides, such as water rides, simulators, and roller coasters. It is also a good place to dine and shop!

The Natural Bridge

Located in Rockbridge County, Virginia, and this is an interesting natural sight. The bridge, which looks like something in a fairytale or fantasy film, is the product of a geological formation and was carved out in the limestone mountain. The bridge is both a National Historic Landmark and Virginia Historical Landmark.

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