Oct 15

John F. Kennedy International Airport: Facts and Information


Since June 1, 1947, the Port Authority of New Jersey and New York operated John F. Kennedy International Airport. Meanwhile in 2004, the City of New York and the Port Authority settled in an agreement that ensures the continuing operation of JFK by the Agency and LaGuardia airports until 2050.

John F. Kennedy International Airport is located in the southeastern part of Queens County, City of New York and is 15 miles by highway from the midtown Manhattan. The airport has an area of 4,930 acres that includes 880 acres in the Central Terminal Area and has a roadway of over 30 miles. On its original construction, almost $150 million was spent and the Port Authority has invested almost $7 billion for the airport.

In terms of employment, almost 37,000 people are working at JFK. When it comes to its economic contribution, the airport contributes an estimated $37.3 billion to the New York and New Jersey metropolitan region that generates about 256,000 total jobs as well as $13.4 billion in wages and salaries per year.

There are six operating airline terminals in JFK that are surrounded by a dual ring of outer taxiways. Moreover, the terminals are served by over 125 aircraft gates. A central heating and air-conditioning plant was also part of the Central Terminal Area in the airport.

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