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Make Your Own Blog

Hello friends! A lot of users have said, that we should be given full and detailed information about blogging. So they can make your own blog. They can make a blog and start their blogging career. So, buddies, I will provide you with full detail information about blogging.
I will tell you this topic through different posts, so if you want to get all the information about blogging and how to Make Your Own Blog then please visit this blog regularly, and get more information about blogging. Then start your blogging career and make a blog according to that information.
Contents: Make Your Own Blog
  1. What is Blog?
  2. Register Your Domain
  3. Web Hosting
  4. Blogging Platforms
  5. Article Writing and Post publishing

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What is Blog?

Blog is a platform, where you’ll be able to express your information/Knowledge in your own words to other users. You can make your own blog related to the subject that you have a good knowledge about, and give information to your users.
Friends In this post, I will tell you what to need to make your own blog and how you can get those things.
If you are starting your blogging profession, then I wish to advise you to not start investing too much in the beginning. You can even start your blogging career free. And when you feel that your blog is going very well, then you can make some investment in it and make your own blog even better. So this is something that is very important for you to start or make a blog.

Register Your Domain

If you want, you can make your own blog for free on Blogspot. But I will not give you the opinion of make a blog free on blogspot. Because if you make your own blog in the blogspot, then there are a number of restrictions in it so that you will not be able to run your blog well.
So first you register a domain name. You can take any extension of your domain ie .com, .us, .org, .net etc. If you want to register with your blog (.com), then companies such as NameCheap and GoDaddy give you (.com) domains in just 5$.
When registering a domain name, keep in mind that your domain name is related to the topics of your blog.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is where you will publish your articles, photos and videos. From where any user can view, read and download photos and files of your website. For webhosting, I’ll let you know about two types of webhosting right here.
The first web hosting is completely free. which gives you blogspot.com, Host your blog on a blogspot for free.
Second hosting through which you could have to invest slightly bit. Nowadays online hosting offers a lot of website hosting that you can get from 2.2$ months. You can take any company’s paid hosting and make your own blog.

Blogging Platforms

Which platforms do you publish in your blog’s articles, and which platform is the most effective? To start blogging, friends, if you’ve got free hosting, then blogger gives you two things in one platform.
The first is free hosting and  the second blogging platform. If you are using free hosting in the blogspot, then you do not have to take any separate blogging platform and if you are taking paid hosting, then you have to put in a blogging platform in your webhosting.
The best platform for blogging is WordPress. WordPress becomes available for you free. You install WordPress in your hosting. After that you could set the basic things needed in WordPress. As your blog’s name, URL of the blog and some settings, then your blogging platform has been prepared. So let’s move forward now.
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Article Writing and Post publishing

When you set up your blog or make a blog, the next most important thing is your articles. The topics you are writing about articles. First, get complete information about that topic. If you want to know more about some topic search on Google, you can find different different article that topics and then by reading all those topics you can make your own article. Keep in mind that you don’t copy paste the article from other. Write whatever you type in your words per your knowledge. Don’t copy the articles from the other blog.
Once you start your blog, keep adding articles to your blog continuously. Do not do that, put 5-7 article in 1 day, sit quietly for 1 to 2 months, and then repeat the 8-10 articles again and stop repeating the article, never do it. Whenever make your own blog, you must regularly publish an article in a days.
So that your visitors will find that you constantly bring new information. And your visitors continued to visit your blog. Which will increase the visitors of your blog.
So friends they were four important things to start blogging. If you make your own blog or blogging career by keeping these four things in mind, then you can go ahead and make your blog very popular. And you can also Make Money Online by this blog.
Friends, if you have any questions related to starting blogging in your mind, then do not forget to comment in the comment box below. I’ll do my best to reply to your comments.
And you will be fully able to start your blogging career in all your ways. If you are visiting for the first time in my blog and are reading this article then let me tell you that I am going to bring you new information about blogging and Online Earnings or Make Money Online in a similar way. So if you want you to get every information I give you. So you constantly visit this blog and start your blogging career and Make Money Online.
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