Oct 12

Must-Do Things in Ocean City


Take in the Sunrise on the Beach

The beach in Ocean City has a lot of special things for you to experience – cool breeze, the morning calls of the gulls as the waves roll out the seashore, and the sunrise

Explore the World-Famous Ocean City Boardwalk

Boardwalk is a top destination to have the best summer memories. Do a lot of things starting from the morning by biking throughout the board, wander the corridors of Ocean Gallery and get your best Skee-Ball score in the arcades.

Ride the Carousel at Trimpers

For more than a hundred years, the painted carousel at Trimper’s Rides and Amusements is making families happy. Among the magical creatures in the ride are the giraffes, lions, ostriches and etc.

Go Fly a Kite

Nothing can jump start your day on the beach like flying a kite. Have a very relaxing day under a huge kite dragging streamers and spinners while riding the winds of Atlantic.

Savor a Romantic Dinner

Take your spot with white tablecloths and your favorite classic cuisine or watch the sunset over the bay from the Atlantic. You may try traditional Maryland delicacies, or crabs to classy cuisines for dinner and enjoy the rest of the night.

Paddleboard or Kayak

The sheltered bay of Ocean City is a home to egrets, osprey, horseshoe crabs and many more. Experience Ocean City’s nature through a guided kayak eco-tour or let yourself to get wet while trying to stand up paddleboard.

Cool Off at Jolly Rogers Splash Mountain Water Park

Take water rides by choosing or getting the entire thrill from the Raging Rapids, a madcap water-fight on the Rainforest Walk, Master Blaster water coaster or in the thrilling AquaLoop.

Catch the Sunset on the Bay

There’s no other memorable way to end a day in Ocean city by watching the colorful sunset of gold and red across the sky of blue to purple.

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