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We are a local charter bus company in Washington DC area, we serve Maryland, Virginia and the whole East Coast from Canada to Florida. We Own and operate our own motor-Coaches and Mini-buses. Thus , you are eliminating the middle man by working directly with us. Thousands of people every month travel to Virginia and Washington DC  area, they choose to hire United bus Charter which is a  maryland charter bus company with highest customer satisfaction rates in the Bus rental industry .


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The Maryland charter bus service has so many benefits and has gained a lot of recognition from the customers. So, go for charter bus rental Virginia and make your trip an enjoyable one. We guarantee time savings and cost savings when you choose to go for Maryland charter bus. We have a large fleet of vehicles including mini bus, mini coach, charter bus, 25 passenger van, and the list is endless.



Union Station is known as one of America’s busiest rail facilities and shopping destinations, and receives over 40 million visitors every year. It is opened in 1907 and became Amtrak’s headquarters and the second-busiest station in the railroad. During World War II, at the height of its traffic, almost 200,000 people passed through in just …

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  A city in the U.S. state of Virginia, Williamsburg was Virginia Colony’s capital from 1699 to 1780. It played a significant role in the American Revolution and together with Jamestown and Yorktown formed a Historic Triangle. The center of the city is the Colonial Williamsburg which is a historic district and living-history museum. Colonial …

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