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We are a local charter bus company in Washington DC area, we serve Maryland, Virginia and the whole east coast. We Own and operate our own motor-Coaches and Mini-buses. Thus , you are eliminating the middle man by working directly with us. Thousands of people travel by maryland charter bus every day. Since buying express bus tickets is time consuming as very few bus service providers offer facility of booking tickets online. Hence travelers have to go to the counters of the charter bus companies in order to purchase their ticket. In fact, during peak seasons or rush hours, most of the tickets are sold out within hours and those who miss this period would most likely end up with no ticket and they have to cancel their trip. In this tech-savvy world, people want the things done at just a click of a mouse.

The charter bus rental in Virginia can be booked online and the passengers can avail a number of advantages through this. Booking online saves the time and money in travelling to the counter twice and also helps in avoiding traffic jam. Real-time booking where can be made if you book the mini bus and you can also choose the seat that you want on the spot. If you avail the rental bus service, you can easily avoid being assigned to sit on the last row of the bus. So, when you book a charter bus you do not have to queue for buying tickets and online booking also gives the convenience of using your credit card. So, book your charter buses, mini buses or coach buses and pay your ticket money later by using a credit card.


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The Maryland charter bus service has so many benefits and has gained a lot of recognition from the customers. So, go for charter bus rental Virginia and make your trip an enjoyable one. We guarantee time savings and cost savings when you choose to go for Maryland charter bus. We have a large fleet of vehicles including mini bus, mini coach, charter bus, 25 passenger van, and the list is endless.