25 Passengers Mini-Bus

Mini bus is a vehicle with a seating capacity for twenty to twenty five passengers. If you want more number of passengers, you can think of considering a coach bus. When classifying the vehicles, the manufactures include the driver’s seat in the passenger count, so a 25 passenger mini bus would most probably have space for twenty four passengers. Our mini bus drivers maintain compliance with domestic rules and do not spend more than the required hours on the roads and so when you hire a mini bus charter you are fully assured of your safety. Moreover, our mini buses obey the traffic regulations and do not cross the speed limit in any designated areas such as motorways or carriageways. The passengers too are required to follow the traffic norms when they travel in maryland bus charter. For instance, all the passengers are required to wear seat belts at all times and our driver is responsible for each passenger’s compliance with seat belt regulations and is liable to be fined for the failure of any passenger to not buckle up. All the vehicles meet the prescribed safety standards.

Passenger Mini Bus

Our mini buses ensure full safety of the passengers and so they are equipped with first-aid kits and fire extinguishers for safety compliance. We provide the best fleet of vehicles so that the educational institutions or corporate sectors are able to meet their need of transportation when they organize any sports event, cultural events or business meetings and conferences. The 25 passenger mini bus is most ideal even to pick up and drop the delegates coming to attend the seminar or conference at the airport or metro station. Since the delegates would be arriving in a group and would be carrying luggage and other material for presentation, it is better to rent charter bus or mini bus so that they feel welcomed and travel with ease and convenience along with their luggage. Moreover, the educational institutions that want to attend sports events or host one are required to ferry the participants to the stadium and so the charter mini bus is the most ideal for them as it can carry a group of students who can reach the venue on time. Our services are very efficient and so we are highly reliable of you look forward to convenience, cost saving and quality of services.