56 Passengers Motor-Coach

Motor coaches are a large buses used widely for long distance travel between two cities or excursions. We have the best fleet of 56 passengers motor coach and people prefer to travel by motor coaches because it offers a lot of convenience and is low in cost in comparison to other modes of travel especially when people have to travel in a fleet of more than fifty people. Nevertheless, when you hire our motor coach you can move around in groups and have fun while you are on the go. Unlike the buses which are designed for shorter space for keeping luggage and are normally equipped with the facilities for comfortable travel on long distance routes. Such buses can be passenger shuttle bus with the capacity of 10-passengers or big buses with capacity of seating nearly 50 people.

Motor Coach

The bus coaches we have are enough to adequate seating capacity, storage space, in some cases a toilet and wide aisles for easy movement of passengers. The luxury motor coaches we have are designed to provide the maximum possible convenience and comfort to the passengers who are either travelling long distance or are out to enjoy an excursion. The basic features of the coach bus are reclining upholstered seats with head rests that allow the passengers to sit back and enjoy the scenery or close their eyes and have a short nap, air conditioning and heating systems, overhead luggage compartments or separate sections for keeping the luggage, passenger controlled aircraft style PSU units, small tables for small snacks, small video screens to show TV shows, videos or movies, beverage station, toilet, a wide single door with wheelchair lift access. The individual features of a bus coach we are offered may vary depending on the requirements of the customer purchasing it and the purpose for which it is to be used. It is very common in the motor coach industry that one manufacturer supplies and builds the chassis while another constructs the coachwork or the passenger compartment onto the chassis.

We believe that the negative impact on the environment and rising prices have led to the development of alternative fuel buses and so employ green bus coaches. So, hire from our wide range of passenger shuttle buses and motor coach buses and avail comfortable, cost-effective and convenient mode of transportation.